Business Planning for Contractors leading into the winter - Part 1

Posted 10/29/2013

AS WINTER APPROACHES, and work starts to slow down, you automatically start to think about getting more work. This is a good time to address business planning issues for the next year. One of those topics on your list should be how well you’re doing at keeping in touch with your former clients. This reminds me of a story of the painter who was near an industrial park where he had completed a nice project the year before. He drove past the building and was stunned to see his competitors' trucks in the parking lot.
The experience was a good lesson. You need to have a regular program of keeping in touch with your former clients, because if you did a good job for them, it will be easier to get hired the next time. In the first quarter, when work is slow, make it a practice to call former clients everyday. If you did a major job for them, offer to visit their facility and you’ll conduct a free inspection. Very often walking around with the client, another job will pop up, and you’ve suddenly got work. Happens all the time.
Ron McKenzie of COMPASS Consultants Corporation. 

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