How a Painter with Ingenuity Creates an Award Winning Product - Part 1

Posted 05/27/2014

As a painter or contractor, have you ever had an idea for a new product that every painter could use?

Painter Job Hub has been fortunate to spend time with Steve Enguita, the founder of “Roll A Bucket” ( Steve was always looking for a way to simplify his paint job, while maintaining his standards of perfection honed through a career as an artist and a painting contractor.  The following is part 1 of Steve’s story of creating a great product and bringing it to market:

Steve has been in the painting business since 2001 and has learned a lot of techniques to be more efficient. One day, Steve didn’t have any paint buckets, so his employee brought a Shop-Vac with wheels from the van and they used that in place of a five gallon bucket.  Steve thought that was a great painters’ trick and wondered if a product like this was available on the market. Upon doing research, Steve found that there were already patents on a paint bucket on wheels as well as a paint tray on wheels. Steve also learned that painters have been using the “bucket on wheels” concept as early as the 1940’s.

Although the idea of painters using paint buckets on wheels was a good idea, Steve noticed there was something missing.  Steve realized that these buckets on wheels were hard to maneuver. These products did not have steering. It was then that Steve designed the steering capability for his paint bucket on wheels, now known as the “Roll A Bucket”.  Steve also applied his steering concept to a paint tray on wheels, now known as the “Roll A Tray”.

Steve worked closely with a patent researcher to ensure his unique and effective designs  would not only be protected, but also to ensure that his designs did not infringe on any existing products.

That’s not the end of the story, but the beginning of turning an idea into a reality. Everyone has great ideas, but it is difficult to know how to turn an idea into more than just an idea.  At Painter Job Hub, we want to not only help you connect with each other for employment opportunities, but also for networking and business development opportunities.

In future Painter Job Hub articles, we will explore this idea with our friends at “Roll A Bucket”.

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