How a Painter with Ingenuity Creates an Award Winning Product - Part 2

Posted 06/10/2014

This is part two of a series about how a painter took an idea on how to simplify a job, and made that idea into a reality.

If you missed part one, read it here.

After Steve’s idea was “patent pending,” he had to find out if this was a product that people would find useful. He spoke with friends, family, local painters, and paint store managers to get feedback. He also asked what price they would pay for a product of this nature. The majority of the responses were, “Why didn’t I think of that?” This ensured Steve, that pursuing his idea would be worth it.

Steve had to do extensive research to find manufacturers for each component. He contacted several manufacturers in China and the US to obtain pricing on parts. Steve knew he had to get competitive prices, or obtaining buyers would be impossible. The twelve hour difference from China, as well as the language barrier, made it difficult for Steve to communicate with China via e-mail and Skype. Steve eventually found a way to get both the Roll A Bucket and the Roll A Tray made in America.

At this point, Steve was still working every day as a painting contractor, giving consultations, and managing his employees during the day, and working in the early morning and late at night on his new business venture. Steve was fortunate enough to find investors who, not only saw the potential in Steve’s idea, but they believed in Steve.

In May of 2013, Steve and his team traveled to the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. Since manufacturing was taking longer than expected, Steve had only a few prototypes of each product for display. The Roll A Tray was awarded “Retailers’ Choice” for one of the “Most Innovative Products of 2013.” Several months later, the Roll A Bucket was nominated for an award and was competing with products made by reputable names in the industry, such as Honeywell and EdenPURE (Joe) Namath Rapid Cooker. The Roll A Bucket was voted in the top five for “Best New Products of 2013”, out of 60,000 votes.

Steve and his team have been traveling across the US to attend trade shows and to perform product demonstrations. Steve says, “The response has been overwhelming.  Painters understand that my products make painting easier.”

Steve still runs his painting business today, as well as Zorr Corp . Steve’s wife, Leonor, works on business development, bookkeeping, and marketing. George (Steve’s dad), an entrepreneur, is also involved with sales.  The Roll A Bucket is now on shelves in select Sherwin Williams stores. Both the Roll A Bucket and the Roll A Tray are available on

Learn more about Steve’s products by visiting his website: