Low Cost Marketing Strategies for Painting Contractors - Part 1

Posted 01/20/2014

Getting your business name out in the community doesn’t have to be expensive. As a painting contractor, whether you are painting inside a structure or outside people will notice. Seasoned painting contractors know the importance of marketing not only in the community but in and around their current job location. Implementing these low-cost strategies will help your company get noticed, build reputation, and ultimately acquire  more business.

1. Vehicle Identification – Most painting contractors drive a lot. Whether you are driving to a potential customer’s home to give an estimate, driving to a job site, or making yet another trip to the paint store, your vehicle is another form of advertising. Vehicle identification in the form of lettering, wraps, or magnetic  door signs keeps your company name visible. It takes most people multiple  exposures to a company name before they remember it.

2. Yard Signs – Placing a sign in the yard of the home or commercial structure  you are painting will be seen by many people as they pass by the location. Make  certain your sign have all your necessary contact information. Use color to  attract the eye and make your company name, phone number, and website  address standout.

3. Clothing – Your crew is an extension of your brand. Company logo shirts, hats,  and outwear will not only be an additional way to brand your company, but will allow your customers to identify those who should be in and around their home.

4. Business Cards – Always carry business cards wherever you go and even on the  weekends. Everyone will have the need for professional painting at some point,  so be prepared to share your contact information anytime. Have cards available  for your crew also, whether they carry your cards or a card with their own name  on it.

5. Flyers – Your local print shop can design and print flyers to advertise your  business at a low cost. Place flyers in strategic locations where allowed, like local  restaurants and place them at homes within a few blocks radius of your current  job location. Often a neighbor who was considering having some work done will  take the time to walk over and talk after they receive your flyer at their door.

Set yourself apart and get your business noticed with these low cost effective local marketing strategies.

This is Part 1 in a six part series on marketing strategies for painting contractors. Next  week Part 2 in the series on why local networking still works!

Written by: Barbara Walsh, http://www.walshonemarketing.com/