Low Cost Marketing Strategies for Painting Contractors - Part 5 - Social Media Marketing for Contractors

Posted 02/18/2014

Social media marketing is being used by all types and size businesses and should be looked upon as an important piece to your overall marketing strategy.  Social media marketing has many benefits, my top three are:

  1. Using social media is a good way to stay connected with current customers.  This connection will enable your company to remain active in the minds of your customers.  This is important not only for future work, but for referral purposes.
  2. Social media marketing use and frequency is now being shown in search results.  By having a social presence, posting meaningful content that gets engagement, and posting frequently, the search engines will use this information to determine where your company name will be ranked.
  3. Social is the now being used to determine your company’s credibility.  Just as customers look online for reviews of your company, they are now also checking your social media platforms.  What are they looking for?  First and foremost they are looking to see if you are there at all.  By having a social media presence potential customers feel your company is dedicated and established.  People are also checking the frequency of your posts.  By posting frequently, potential customers feel a company is serious about sharing helpful information and making a personal connection with their customers.  Also, posting your own content will position you as a knowledgeable leader in your field.  Having links back to your website will get people to take another look at your work, remember that your website is your personal real estate on the Internet, use it well.  Having a good website that reflects positively on your business will go a long way when potential customers decide who to call. 
Use social media to get people to act:

  1. The number 1 “golden rule” is to drive people to your website.  Your website is where you want people to go to learn about your business and why they should do business with you instead of the other guy.  Have the majority of your photo galleries, videos, and blog articles on your site.
  2. Calls to action.  When you post you are not only providing useful information and content, you want your community to do something (a call to action).  Do you want to grow your email marketing list….ask them to subscribe and give a link for them to do so.  Do you want them to “like”, “share”, or “comment”….ask.
  3. Use hashtags to help get found.  With many platforms using #hashtags (like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram),  you too, want to use them at the end of posts.  This will help people searching for various terms find you and your content, further growing your community, and increasing your brand awareness.
A few final thoughts.

As a painting contractor, strategic use of social media marketing can quickly grow awareness and credibility of your painting business across the Internet while increasing search engine optimization for your website. 

Social media is a way to build awareness of your company, build relationships, and grow your credibility (reputation) on the Internet.  People want to do business with people they consider to be a “friend”.  Many people also realize the commitment it takes to be on social media, have a great website, and post blog and/or video content, this speaks to your dedication and stability within the community. 

For many, social media marketing takes time to see results and consistency is the key to carrying out a successful strategy.  Analyze, change course if necessary, keep at it, and have fun! 

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This is Part 5 in a six part series on marketing strategies for painting contractors.  Next week Part 6 in the series will focus on print ads and print materials for your business.

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Written by: Barbara Walsh, www.walshonemarketing.com