Onboarding Employees The Right Way

Posted 06/27/2016

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Onboarding Employees The Right Way

Finding the right people and getting them to stick is one of the biggest problems facing the trades
industry today. Here at Summit, we believe a systematic approach to the onboarding process is key to
overcoming these challenges. Onboarding correctly sets your new employees up for success.  Not
doing it or doing it haphazardly will only serve to increase your turnover and continued frustration in finding employees. 

Below is our recommendation for onboarding employees the right way:

Start with an organized packet of information:

 New hire paperwork

 Tax and other legal documents

 Your employee handbook

 Safety Manual

 Appropriate job description and training plan

    Make sure to set aside a good amount of time to fill out the paperwork, explain documents, and answer questions about the handbook.  Run through those topics most important to you and a new employee:the importance of safety protocols, timeliness, breaks, time keeping, pay-day, cell-phones on the job site, etc. 

   Identify the leaders in your business. Which crew leaders are ready to manage more hours and train
new employees? Be sure to spend time with those crew leaders so they know the importance of a
proper onboarding process. Oversee the introductions between the new employee and their crew and
make sure they exchange cell phone numbers or identify other communication channels.  Remember,
employees fire their bosses, not the company. You need your crew leaders to treat your employees with
care and respect.

   Schedule an orientation that you, as the business owner, hold.  This will allow all employees hear about the vision you have for your business as well as the values that are important to you. If expectations are not made clear from the beginning, your new employees stand a good chance of either making up their own rules or hearing from another team-member what they believe the standards to be.

Remember, your company has a certain culture whether you know it or not. Be proactive in creating yours.

Schedule quick feedback sessions for all of your new hires in each of the first two weeks.  Have your field leaders review both hard and soft skills, for example:

 Customer Service (Getting the Plus 1)

 Vehicle/Equipment maintenance

 Job site cleanliness

   Starting off a new employee with the expectation of good communication patterns and a scripted
training plan sets your business apart from the competition.  Those new hires are less likely to be
dissatisfied and more likely to produce for you; those that are not comfortable with the structure will
soon find themselves working for someone else!

Happy on-boarding! –The Summit Team