Posted 03/21/2016 is a strong believer in the Paint-It-Forward program and the positive impact it is having nationwide across the Painting and Decorating Industry, here is their story:

I, Josh Abramson, started ALLBRIGHT 1-800-PAINTING over 28 years ago, with a mission to bring Painting Happiness to as many customers as possible. Perhaps in your career you’ve experienced Painting Happiness too – that overwhelming joy that lies inside every can of paint, just waiting to be released. Our customers feel Painting Happiness when they witness the dramatic transformation that paint brings to their homes. Painters and contractors experience Painting Happiness too – it’s what propels us forward in this great, rewarding career.

A little over 10 years ago, I started to think about others in my community: struggling families, nonprofits, and other groups who deserved a little Painting Happiness but could not afford it. I knew there was a way to bring Painting Happiness to these worthy groups, so I started Paint-It-Forward, an annual charity program where we honor deserving members of the Greater Los Angeles community. As we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Paint-It-Forward, I am spreading the word to other painting companies so this amazing program can sweep across the nation. On that note, let me tell you a little more about Paint-It-Forward and how you can get involved.
The Paint-It-Forward Program
ALLBRIGHT 1-800-PAINTING started Paint-It-Forward in 1996. In this charity program, we donated painting supplies and services to a deserving member of our community. It was such a wild success the first year that we have continued ever since.

How Paint-It-Forward Works
We can provide you with greater details about how the Paint-It-Forward program works, but to give you a general overview:
  • Members of your community nominate deserving families and non-profits – people and places that could use painting services yet cannot afford them.
  • After the nomination period, your painters and staff help choose the winner.
  • The winner is revealed and everyone begins planning the project – defining the scope, choosing colors and so on.
  • The big day comes and people volunteer their time to coordinate and execute the project, which is all completed in one day.

The entire process takes place within the span of months, allowing adequate time for planning and creating buzz about the program in your community.
Paint-It-Forward Winners
We’ve chosen some amazing and incredibly deserving community members throughout our time doing Paint-It-Forward. For example:
  • In 2012, we rewarded the SCV Food Pantry of Santa Clarita Valley, whose mission is to make sure children in the community never go to bed hungry.
  • In 2013, the Magno Family won our prize – a little bit of Painting Happiness and a home transformation as they helped their daughter fight brain cancer.
  • In 2014, we chose the Espinoza Family and we helped them make their deceased mother’s dream of painting the home come true.

Our 2015 winner was Partners for Potential, a non-profit that helps adults with developmental disabilities. To learn more, check out this recap video that tells their story and documents the Paint-It-Forward journey.
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Over the years, other painting companies have joined Paint-It-Forward by starting up charity events in their own communities. The 10-year anniversary not only marks ten years of ALLBRIGHT Paint-It-Forward events – it also represents a combined effort of over $1 million worth of giveaways in Paint-It-Forward and related programs around the country.
Paint-It-Forward – How You Can Get Involved
10 years of Paint-It-Forward events has inspired us to make the next 10 years even better – and we need YOUR help to reach that goal. What we’d love to see is similar Paint-It-Forward programs popping up all over the country, so we started a national page for our movement and created helpful resources to get you started.
On our National Paint-It-Forward page, you’ll see a map that represents all Paint-It-Forward branded programs across the nation as well as similar charity programs. If you have a program, please let us know so we can add you to the map.

If you don’t have a Paint-It-Forward charity program, let’s get you started on creating one. Head over to the National Paint-It-Forward page (or email and I will send you an informational packet with everything you need to get started. The packet will walk you through each step of the program while also sharing tips on coordinating and marketing your event. A carefully orchestrated Paint-It-Forward event can reward a deserving family, excite the entire community, and create a real buzz about your business. Our informational packet can help you achieve all three.

Starting your own Paint-It-Forward program will take a bit of time and planning, but it’s the most rewarding thing you can do for your community and your business. Get started today and help us make the next 10 years of Paint-It-Forward even better than the last.