Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use Painter Job Hub?

Basic registration will always be free!

How do I hire painters?

Register as a contractor for free. After registering, you will be able to search for painters based off of their location. You will be able to narrow down your search for painters by their skills, experience, training, insurance, tools, transportation, years experience, and many more criteria.

How do I get a job?

Register as a painter for free and fill out your complete profile. After you register, your profile will be available in the contractor search. Contractors will search for painters based off of their job requirements. If a contractor is interested in hiring you they will contact you directly by phone, email, or send you their contact information directly through the website so you can contact them.

I’m not getting jobs. What can I do?

Many contractors are looking for specific criteria when searching for painters on Painter Job Hub. A completed profile is more appealing to a contractor since it helps them find the right person for the job. This means it is really important for you to complete as much of your profile as possible so when contractors are looking, they will be able to find this search criteria in your profile. If you haven't already, you may want to considering uploading a profile photo as this can grab the contractors attention while searching for painters. Work photos are also great to include in your profile to showcase your work experience, and this can help a contractor actually see what you can do. Remember to keep your profile up-to-date.

What if I don't want contractors contacting me right now?

If you find employment and do not want contractors contacting you, you can set your profile as "not available for work", which means you will not be visible to contractors. You can change this by going to your settings, and selecting the “general” tab, then changing the response on “Are you available for work?” If you become available for work again, you just log back into your account and set your profile settings so you are available for work again, and your profile will be visible to contractors that are searching for painters again.

How can I contact Painter Job Hub?

If you need to get in contact with us just click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. We will get back to you shortly.